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CinnaGen Co. was founded in 1994 with the goal of manufacturing hi-tech products in biotechnology and related fields. Since its start of operation with 4 scientists, CinnaGen has grown to become the biggest bio-pharmaceutical manufacturer and biotech exporter in the region. The concept was to be active in the research and development of new potent biotech-based products to cover regional markets. Enzymes, molecular biology reagents and PCR kits were the first products and then CinnaGen used its proprietary set of technologies to endow monoclonal antibodies for blood group typing. The next important step for CinnaGen was to enter therapeutic recombinant proteins and monoclonal antibodies area.
CinnaGen is strategically positioned to become and remain a leading biotechnology company in the region. Our aim is to use our expertise to identify and acquire selected products through strategic partnerships to promote sustainable development in human health.
cinnaGen family:
CinnaGen , AryoGen Pharmed ,Nano Alvand ,Orchid Pharmed ,Aroko Bio Engineering ,Nano Hayat BioPharma Cinna Distribution Co ,CinnaGen ilaç
Nano Hayat Darou (Nano Hayat BioPharma) was founded in 2005 with the goal of manufacturing solid form of medicinal products.
One of Nano Hayat Darou's most important products in the cardiovascular field is the safest anticoagulant, apixaban, marketed under the tradename Xabano and available in 2.5 and 5 mg tablets, indicated for prevention of systemic embolism (stroke) in NVAF patients.

Tel.: +98 21 42815

Email: cinnagen@cinnagen.com

Website: cinnagen@cinnagen.com


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Daryan Salamat Pharma Group is a fully private company established in November 2007.
Daryan Salamat Pharma Group was founded as a leading pharmaceutical company focused on importation, distribution, manufacturing and promotion/marketing of pharmaceutical products.
Daryan Salamat Pharma Group has a strong presence in different therapeutic areas including: Oncology, Urology, Gynecology, Neurology and Dermatology. Current product portfolio includes biologic products.
Innovation, flexibility and speed are the hallmarks of Daryan Salamat Pharma Group.Our operations staff of 50 experts, enable our distribution, marketing and regulatory capabilities.
We use our unique combination of experience, proprietary capabilities, and resources to create meaningful services/products for patients.
Daryan Salamat Pharma Group owns:





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شرکت سورن پارس برگزار کننده کنگره ها و همایش علمی به صورت سبز ارئه دهنده خدمات پوستر الکترونیک (پوستر سبز)، اپلیکیشن مدیریت کنگره و سیستم مدیریت و کنترل افراد بر بستر RFID فعال در سراسر کشور

Tel.: 09128384057

Email: greenposterco@gmail.com

Website: http://greenposter.ir

Mehrcom Tajhiz

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Mehrcom Tajhiz is Esaote’s exclusive agency in IRAN.
Esaote was founded in 1982 just as a start-up in ITALY.
The experience gained within Ansaldo at the beginning of the company activity and a very clear vision of the technological as well as socio-economical prospects that could be opened in the field of electromedical devices inspired Esaote engineers to immediately involve the medical scientific community so to turn their own technological expertise into innovative diagnostic tools.
The design, manufacturing and sale of diagnostic ultrasound systems account for over 60% of the activity of Esaote, ranked among the leading players worldwide in the field. Esaote is the leader of dedicated MRI.
The research developed by Esaote is making great strides even in the interventional field, channeling its activities in minimally invasive surgical techniques. Esaote is an international group engaged from thirty years in the research, manufacturing and commercialization of technological solutions for healthcare applications.





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Actoverco is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Iran. Founded in 1972, Actoverco is heir to a long history in importing and production of pharmaceutical products. The main business of the company has been importation of specialty pharmaceutical products in various fields. These fields include but are not limited to cardiovascular, psychiatry/neurology, internal medicine, immunology, and oncology. The company is an active partner with well-recognized manufacturers including Merck, KrKa, Ferrer, Clausen and Rubio. Actoverco benefits from an organized, systematic, scientific, and customer-oriented marketing framework for promotion of its products. The Actover’s factory was established in 2009 in Karaj and is equipped with high technology production line specialized to produce under licensed chemical/synthetic and biosimilar products. Thenceforth, Actoverco inaugurated 5 more production sites and is among the major pharmaceutical manufacturers in Iran.

Tel.: 021- 41637000


Website: www.actoverco.com


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Sanofi is a global life sciences company committed to improving access to healthcare and supporting the people we serve throughout the continuum of care. From prevention to treatment, Sanofi transforms scientific innovation into healthcare solutions, in human vaccines, rare diseases, multiple sclerosis, oncology, immunology, infectious diseases, diabetes and cardiovascular solutions and consumer healthcare. More than 110,000 people at Sanofi are dedicated to make a difference on patients’ daily life, wherever they live and enable them to enjoy a healthier life. We in Sanofi Iran pride ourselves on our commitment to remain healthcare professionals’ scientific partner while ensuring the accessibility of medicine for Iranian patients through all these years. Sanofi Iran hopes to help spread care awareness and latest medical breakthroughs within communities which may lead to more effective treatments.

Tel.: Tel.: 02188649700

Email: tarlan.zafarnia@gmail.com

Website: www.sanofi.com

Arena Life Science

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Excellence is not a skill, it's an attitude; and attitude is everything! Perfection has to do with the end product, but excellence has to do with the process. All of us are looking for excellence. Most of us are satisfied with a standard level of life, but Arena team goes beyond! Excellence is the core of our working process.
Arena Life Science was founded in 2014. Although the company is newly-established, it exploits a wide-ranging professional network of experienced management team and could obtain the Science Base Certificate in 2016. Our mission is to improve the quality of human life by developing innovative medicines.

Arena Life Science focuses on manufacturing chemical biological products and medical devices:
• Axabin 2.5, 10, 15, 20 mg film coated tablet (Rivaroxaban)
•Apirax 2.5, 5 mg film coated tablet (Apixaban)
•Diaptin 50, 100 mg tablet (Sitagliptin)
•Lerava 10, 20 mg film coated tablet (Leflunomide)
•Zeprol 2.5, 5, 10 mg film coated tablet (Bisoprolol)
• Alteplase (50 mg lyophilized powder for injection)
•Mucosamin oral gel & spray 2.5 and 5 mg

Tel.: +98 26802093

Email: info@arenalifescience.com

Website: www.arenalifescience.com


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Aburaihan pharmaceutical company is the major manufacturer of human and veterinary products in Iran. Owing to its more than 50 years experience, it plays a great role in the improvement of pharmaceutical industry in Iran. Aburaihan Pharmaceutical company was founded in 1965 under the ownership of the German Schering company named “Berlimed of Iran”. In 1981, the company was renamed as ” Aburaihan Pharmaceutical Company ” (Private joint stock), and finally turned into public joint stock company in 1981.

Tel.: 021_77715554

Email: info@aburaihan.com

Website: www.aburaihan.com